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Announcing the First Ever Classified ads Website with Video, Images and Live Chat

Have you ever been burned from using a classified ads site? Maybe you have been trying to sell something using classified ads but all you seem to get for your efforts are time-wasters. Oftentimes, time-wasting comes down to trust issues. Despite the best efforts of some very popular classified sites on the internet, it remains easy for anyone to post a fake ad or simply to fail to show up at the arranged time and place. For this reason, some would-be buyers remain hesitant about taking the next step when it comes at classified ad sites. Imagine you could inspire confidence and trust in your potential customers without having to cold-call, arrange an initial offline meet or do any other expensive marketing. A new company offers a solution that will help you to do just that. If somebody who needs to purchase something online can contact the seller for free and without risk, verify that the seller is the real deal and get all their questions answered, the chances of a sale can dramatically improve. Yajooj.com enables sellers not only to upload video or images presentations for their service or item for sale but to chat with potential buyers using a real-time chat interface – all free of charge. Sellers can post their ad for most items free - for a generous 60 days. Beyond that, in some categories there are competitive and affordable rates for subsequent ads with durations of 30 days each.

Ads can be run for the following items:

  • General Items for Sale
  • Cars & Vehicles
  • Real Estate for Rent
  • Real Estate for Sale
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Pets
  • Services
  • Jobs
  • Community
  • Resumes

Also available are business accounts for companies, auto dealers and realtors who can present their business on video. This is a low budget, high value method of promotion for businesses.

Users get access to some great premium features:

  • Special Highlight - Urgent, Must Sell, New Price, Reduced Price
  • Colored Heading
  • Category Spotlight - Ad at the top of its respective category
  • Main Page Spotlight
  • Website Link

Yajooj.com therefore plan to confidently compete with the other big classified ad sites, help ordinary folks to successfully meet their small business needs and help buyers to get great bargains in a safe environment. For more information, visit yajooj.com